Geotechnical services in Geelong and Ballarat

Servicing Victoria-wide

For geotechnical services in Ballarat and Geelong, contact Provincial Geotechnical. Our civil and geotechnical engineers provide reports for soil testing and site inspections for commercial and residential clients. From the level of bushfire risk to your property through to the suitability of land for development, we have the services you need to live, work and develop land safely.

Soil Tests/Site Classifications

We conduct soil tests and provide site classification reports for construction of new homes as well as additions and renovations to existing homes. A typical soil test or site classification is conducted by a qualified geologist who determines the local site and soil characteristics and recommends the most suitable footing for the site. All residential building sites must be classified according to the Australian...

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Bushfire Attack Levels

Bushfire Attack Levels (BALs) are undertaken to determine the required building classification for residential dwellings in bushfire prone areas. Bushfire Attack Levels help inform the construction or renovation of your residential building, to ensure it complies with the relevant Australian Standard to reduce risk during a bushfire. The levels are based on a number of factors such...

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Land Capability Assessments

Land capability assessment reports are site investigations carried out for the installation of septic systems on house sites where reticulated sewerage is not provided – commonly in rural areas. The risk of contamination of groundwater and nearby waterways must be assessed to ensure a residential development does not adversely impact on the quality of the environment. If you live in a rural area...

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Geotechnical Site Investigations

Geotechnical site investigations are undertaken for commercial and industrial buildings, civil infrastructure, basements, bridges, retaining walls and light or communication towers as well as many other forms of infrastructure that require a footing system. Our geologists provide these site investigations for engineers to design suitable footing systems for non-residential structures specialising in the Geelong and Ballarat regions, servicing the wider...

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Landslip Risk Assessments

Landslip risk assessments are a combined geotechnical and geological site investigation for building sites in proven landslip prone areas. Investigations are highly complex and require risk modelling to ensure development is ultimately safe to undertake. Our experienced geotechnical and geological experts perform landslip risk assessments for steeply sloping sites in the Geelong, Ballarat and Melbourne regions. Our services also...

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Environmental Site Assessments

Site investigations conducted on potentially contaminated land require a sampling and laboratory testing program to determine both the nature of contamination and the level of contamination. Our environmental site assessments include the provision of soil off-site disposal reports, due diligence reports, underground storage tank integrity reports and contamination migration reports. Our experienced geotechnical and geological experts also undertake geotechnical site investigations in Geelong and...

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Building Distress Reports

Building distress reports are site investigations for determining the cause of building movement and damage. Reports can be prepared for residential, commercial and industrial buildings as well as civil infrastructure such as pavements. We also specialise in expert witness testimony, peer review and geotechnical forensic investigations. Our geotechnical services cover all of Geelong, Ballarat, Melbourne and state-wide Victoria.

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Road Subgrade Reports

Road subgrade reports are carried out for new roads, car parks and recreational pavements such as tennis courts and pedestrian pavements. Civil engineers require these reports to ensure the pavement foundation (subgrade) and thickness they design for is suitable for the site and soil conditions present. Our qualified geologists also provide geotechnical site investigations and site classification...

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