About us at Provincial Geotechnical Pty Ltd

Provincial Geotechnical Pty Ltd is owned and operated by a qualified geologist, Andrew Redman, who saw a need for a geotechnical consultancy in provincial Victoria. Business commenced in 1983 with offices in Geelong and Ballarat. Provincial Geotechnical Pty Ltd offers a range of comprehensive geotechnical services.

With more than 30 years’ experience investigating subsurface conditions and materials, we pride ourselves on providing a thorough and competitive service. Each individual site is reported on by a qualified, experienced geologist.

Andrew Redman B.Sc. Geologist
Arguably the most experienced practising site investigator in Victoria. More than 50,000 individual sites personally visited and reported on since 1980.

Bernd Weberruss B.Sc. Geologist (Associate)
More than 30,000 sites visited, investigated and reported on since 1982.

Phone us in Geelong, Ballarat or Melbourne or complete our online quote request for a free quote on soil testing, site classifications and a range of geotechnical services.