Geotechnical engineers in Ballarat

August 24, 2015

Provincial Geotechnical has qualified engineers operating from our base in Ballarat. We provide a variety of services to ensure safety and stability at your land development or residential site.

Geotechnical engineers are experts at assessing, testing and reporting on earth materials. Any structure, whether it is a home or business, bridge or pathway, needs to be adequately supported by the ground it is built on. You cannot build anything anywhere – you need to know the earth will support the structure and know what type of footing system is required to support the structure from the ground up.

It’s an important science which has the safety of people at its heart – workers, home owners, people going about their daily activities on our roads, in car parks, shops, factories…

Our geotechnical engineers will work with you in Ballarat and surrounding areas to ensure your site is safe to work and build or renovate on. Please contact us for more information about our services and capabilities.